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I come from a background in finance and I have found passion in coding and technologies recently. I followed a family relocation to Copenhagen and my ambition is to start my developer career in this great city. Recently I graduated at Hack Your Future and would like to become a web developer. The program is quite intense but I am really passionate about coding and it is something I like to invest my time to.

I am looking for a opportunity to grow and evolve professionally and share my interest within the company who has the same values as I do.

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My Projects

  • Game of Life
  • This is my first game project in Vanilla Javascript and is transpiled with Babel using Webpack.
  • Weather API
  • Country search and weather API created with React hooks useState and useEffect. For styling I used styled-components.
  • Tetris
  • Classic game in Vanilla Javascript with localstorage to save maximum score and level up with speed increase.
  • Meal sharing website
  • Fullstack app using Express, Vanilla Javascript and MySQL database.
  • Todo App
  • React app created with hooks useState and useEffect. Addition of drag and drop functionality.
  • Final Project
  • A collaboration between Seasony and HYF where I had a chance to work on frontend and backend tasks.